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The activities of APE-INV programme will cover a period of four years.


Expert workshops

These smaller meetings bring together mainly senior researchers in order to define and implement the database construction, the creation of a number of working group on issues such as data cleaning, collection/harmonization of data on academic personnel, identifying the procedures for remote access, for the corrections and a set of IPR arrangements for sharing among participants and for general access/diffusion.

These short meetings (one-two days) in which leading will focus on the technical issues and methodological

convergence. The latter will be critical for allowing data collection and integration, for this reason the APE-INV program will focus on Technical Workshops in the two first years of activity.



Two conferences will be held in the last two years of the Program in order to share the results and disseminate the use of the APE-INV Database. The final conference will be organized specifically in order to present the APE database, the joint publications, and ongoing work on networks of inventors, inventors’ mobility, and other inventor-related issues to which the APE can contribute-


Exchange Visit and Short Visits

ESF-Ape Program will foster researchers' mobility at European and, if possible, at international level through exchange visit grants. Junior researchers, experienced researchers and senior scholars will have access to such facilities.

Visits will be both long (one month) and short (one-two weeks). Each year a call for expression of

interest will be published.



A key objective is the publication of a series of papers collecting the achieved results using the data of APE-INV Database. APE participants and other scientists making use of the database will be asked to acknowledge the use of the database in their papers.

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