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The main results expected by Ape-INV are there:

Sharing experiences for the creation of INV Database

  • to share expertise and methods among European (and US or Japanese) reearchers for the creation of an inventors’ database, one that will identify all different spelling variations of the inventor’s name, as well as the inventor’s different addresses and patents;

  • to share expertise and methods among European researchers for matching the inventors’ database with national databases of academic scientists, in order to produce comparable counts of academic patenting activity and to collect auxiliary information on academic inventors;

Producing a Database on Academic Patenting in Europe (APE-INV Database)

  • to produce a freely available database on “academic patenting in Europe ”, that will contain reliable and comparable information on the contribution of European academic scientists to technology transfer via patenting, and that researchers will be able to update in the future.

Editing joint publications using the Data-set

  • to experiment the database opportunities, editing one or more joint publications containing original applications of the newly created databases;

Designing a Method to allow users to correct data

  • to devise a method for collecting the database users’ feedbacks on the quality of the data, one that will allow users to enter their own corrections to the identification errors. Users’ corrections are particularly important in this case, since the identification of inventors rely on algorithms that make use of information on each inventor’s social network: so users’ corrections to the identity of one inventor may lead to correct the identity of others.

Cooperating with established institutions in the field of patent data
  • A unique window of opportunity has been recently opened by the European Patent Office (EPO), and its collaboration with the OECD Patent Statistics Task Force for the creation of PATSTAT, a new database for statistical use (joint with WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and Eurostat). APE-INV program will contribute to create a community of PATSTAT users, and to turn PATSTAT into a reference source for the worldwide community of social scientists engaged in science and technology studies. Besides making use of PATSTAT data, APE-INV will try to establish co-operation ties with all the insititutions involved in its development.
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