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Name Game Algorithm Challenge & Tools

APE-INV supports efforts to reclassify by inventor all patent applications to the European and US Patent Offices, as listed in the EPO Worldwide Patent Statistical Database, better known as “PatStat”. To this end, a ‘Name Game’ Algorithm Challenge has been set up, in order to compare the results obtained by applying different algorithms to the same subsets of PatStat data (aka “Benchmark Databases”) , where the aim of all algorithms is that of identifying who, among the various inventors with similar names listed on different patent documents, are indeed the same person. All researchers interested into producing algorithms and joining the challenge are welcome to contribute and to attend the realted Workshops. The expected outcome of the Challenge will consist in a set of tools for handling name-cleaning on PatStat and, possibly, a database of inventors’ names, complementary to PatStat.


  • To know more about the Challenge, download and read the related document.





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