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APE-INV special issue of Industry & Innovation (vol. 20/5, 2013)

"Academic Patenting in Europe:

A Reassessment of Evidence and Research Practices"


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1.         Academic Patenting In Europe: A Reassessment of Evidence and Research Practices

Francesco Lissoni

2.         Academic Inventions Outside the University: Investigating Patent Ownership in the UK

Cornelia Lawson

3.         University autonomy, the professor privilege and academic patenting: Italy, 1996-2007

Francesco Lissoni, Michele Pezzoni, Bianca Potì & Sandra Romagnosi

4.         When Do Universities Own Their Patents? An Explorative Study of Patent Characteristics and Organizational Determinants in Germany

Anja Schoen & Guido Buenstorf

5.         Academic Inventors, Scientific Impact and The Institutionalisation of Pasteur´S Quadrant In Spain

Catalina Martínez, Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro & Stéphane Maraut

6.         The Impact of Academic Technology: Do Modes of Involvement Matter? The Flemish Case

Julie Callaert, Mariette Du Plessis, Bart Van Looy & Koenraad Debackere

7.         Academic Inventors, Technological Profiles and Patent Value: An Analysis of Academic Patent Owned by Swedish-Based Firms

Daniel Ljungberg, Evangelos Bourelos & Maureen Mckelvey

8.         What Determines University Patent Commercialization? Empirical Evidence on the Role of IPR Ownership,

Paola Giuri, Federico Munari & Martina Pasquini


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